Work From Home - an email to the team

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Dear little family,

First of all, I'd like to thank each of you for the great work you have been doing. We have just begun and have to go a long way.

As an organization, we have very aggressive expansion plans. We are working diligently on it. You will see Corporate1 shaping greatly in the near future and it cannot happen without our complete dedication and honesty - and the great news is that I already see it in each member of the family.

As we go forward, I would like to cultivate the "work from home" culture. I have already worked remotely in my previous jobs and I am aware of how great it feels. In this light, there are a few points to understand and digest clearly (pros and cons included):

(1) It requires a tremendous amount of dedication and honesty towards work, company, your office-family and yourself.

(2) You should be able to work without close supervision and hand-holding.

(3) You should know your role, expectations, timelines, targets, threats, opportunities etc very clearly.

(4) For many industries, it is going to be the trend in the future because work is getting decentralised across the globe. Working remotely without close supervision will become (is becoming) a crucial "skill". If you have it, you can become part of a truly global workforce - who would not like to expand the horizon?

(5) it gives you the liberty to work in a very relaxed "at-home" environment, however, it comes with the 'flexibility' to dodge the work (sometimes unknowingly) - you have to be extremely alert about it.

(6) Because the team is remote, you have to extremely attentive to the needs of your clients, colleagues, management and all stakeholders. If they are trying to reach you, they may in a business emergency. You have to be available if you are "in office". If you are away then you need to inform your team of your unavailability (such as when you go to lunch or tea breaks). If you do not inform, you are considered to be "on duty" and "immediately" available.

(7) Working remotely allows the company to spread wings very rapidly as we are no longer bound to physical boundaries. We can employ people from different cities, states, even countries with different cultures, languages and value systems. While this allows the company to acquire more clients, it also broadens our own mindset.

(8) It is personally beneficial for the team because they do not have to spend time and money commuting to and from work. This time can be better utilised in enhancing knowledge, team activities, exceeding targets, physical and mental wellbeing or just plain fun.

(9) We know how important it is to reduce carbon emissions. Well, working remote goes a long way to save fuel. Additionally, as traffic is increasing every day, who would like to get exhausted honking and/or getting honked at?

(10) Many times we get distracted because of the noise in the office (especially in case of call based processes). At your home, you are "away" from distractions with complete focus on work. Resulting in net improved productivity.

(11) and the list can go on...

My hope is that you will support me on this initiative and we can make a better, brighter and greener future. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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