Corporate wellness via Meditation and Yoga

What is this about: Heft working hours and working under pressure is affecting the life of employee and employers. Corporate employees are unable to contribute time for their personal life, timely meals, adequate exercise which increase the level of mental stress. Most employees suffer from mental health challenges like anxiety, depression and stress, which decrease the performance and productivity. Stress in body release cortisol hormones which weaken the immune system, lower blood-glucose concentration and causes inflammation. This attracts disease to like depression, hypertension, increase in cholesterol, gastro-intestinal diseases to name a few. This in turn results into decreasing work performance and productivity. Office workers sit for long hours which develops the risk of chronic heart diseases and diabetes. People who sit for eight hours or more have 21% higher risk of earlier death. Taking it as corporate social responsibility some business houses are running corporate wellness programs or corporate fitness programs. Health, wealth, happiness, performance and productivity at work place are inter-related. Success rate is inversely proportionate with stress level of the employees; i.e. more stress less success ratio.

Why and how corporate should involve: Outcome of Corporate wellness can be lower absenteeism, greater job satisfaction, high productivity, greater employee retention ration, lesser health care expenses and happier working environment. Health conscious work environment can be made keeping the benefit of it in mind. Business perform better when employees are healthy, motivated and focused. Wise employers understand importance of employees mental and physical health and treat it at equal importance with other business goals. Provide opportunities to discuss and review employee’s small achievements, that can help them to build confidence, self-esteem and motivate them to do better. Anxiety, depression and stress are the common health issues found in modern corporate world and leads employees to lose mental and physical health. Many employees experience stress and anxiety at their working life. If someone is suffering from hypomania, he might find it difficult to concentrate. Health is like wealth; we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. You can’t enjoy wealth if you are not in good health.

The way forward: One of the best ways through which people can get peace, happiness and health is by find a yogi in self. It is all about how you connect with others and how you connect with self. Yogis are generally perceived as devotees with long hair who sit under the tree with eyes closed. Its often seen as escape from life in a dramatic way. In my opinion anyone can be a yogi. All we need to do is find a yogi within. In the modern age we can be a modern yogi who lives a corporate life, has a loving family and friends and enjoys parties. When I start finding the yogi within, I discover the essence of life in a true way.

How to find the yogi within: If you want to find the yogi in you, first you have to find the parents of the yogi. Patience is the father of yogi and forgiveness is the mother of yogi. These virtues are the stepping stones for a happier life. Meditation is not about controlling your mind it’s about accepting the things as they are. All of our sufferings are because of our restricted thoughts. The modern age has taught us that stress and tension are are normal way of life. We have been also taught that smoking, drinking and drugs can relax it. With this way of life, we forget that unlimited power lies within us. Yoga and meditation for rejuvenation of inner self. Best things in the life are free. And so are Yoga and Mediation. All it takes is a little patience and zeal to better your life. Unlike medications, meditation and yoga do not have any side effects. As your outer beauty captures the eyes; your inner beauty will capture the hearts. Take care of your body; take care of your mind; take care of your spirit. You are made of all three.

Always remember that you are not a human being having spiritual experiences but you are a spiritual being having human experiences. Let’s make the life worth living, worth love, worth health and worth peace.

If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If an egg is broken by an inside force, then life begins.

All the answers lie within; one must awake the seeker within to find them.


Nandan Pareek,

Corporate1 Consultants


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