Job Title

Operations and Sales Manager (K2R-CKU-VS2)

Annual CTC

₹ 22,00,000


Bengaluru, Karnataka

Job Description

Hiring GM - Sales Operations/Commercial




·         Managing Logistics

-          Cost of logistics, speed

-          Create & manage Hubs at zones


·         Credit Watch & maintain relationship at distributor level

-          Keep strict watch on credit exposure

-          Orientation of new distributors

-          Periodically communicate & maintain touch point with all distributors

-          Resolve their issues proactively


·         Sales support 


·         Stock monitor

-          Manage stocks at multiple hubs

-          Timely Alert the change of trends to supply 

-          Periodically liquidate the slow moving


·         Managing Schemes, credit notes, etc


·         Provide support during transition of leadership.






Financial background 

Sales oriented

Ability to resolve disputes



Stable and justified approach

High integrity

Location : Bengaluru



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