We are a bunch of enthusiasts keen to hold your hand in many quests.

Corporate1 Consultants team consists of highly experienced and high-performance professionals that have extensive domestic and international corporate experience. The core focus of our organization is to create WOW moments for our clients (both employers and employees) by providing unparalleled customer support and attention to details. As Steve Jobs correctly said: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. At Corporate1 Consultants (C1C), we absolutely love what we do, and that is the reason you can expect nothing but great work from us. Our Recruitment Specialists are a bunch of enthusiasts who have worked with top companies through the past many years. They are good listeners when it comes to business and bigmouths in fun time. Our technologically oriented processes and workflows are designed to provide rapid and seamless experience to our clients (both Employers and Job-seekers). We understand when you say “You see, I don’t know what I like, I just know what I don’t like”. We are here to cut out more clutter from your inbox and put more peace into your mind.

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