Job Title

zinc plating Manager (CGS-T8Z-SPT)





Job Description

Role & Responsibilities:
Manage production and resolve all issues related to Electroplating-Alkaline Zinc, AcidZinc, Nickel-Chrome, Powder-Coating, Dacro-met, Geo-met, Electoless Nickel.
Manage electroplating auto barrel plating and also supervise production of alkaline zinc, acid zinc and Nickel-Chrome, DACRO-MET.
Sound knowledge of barrel, rack plating, auto and manual electroplating, Zinc alkaline Automatic plant, Rack plating, of fasteners, Kick Shaft.
Sound technical knowledge of pre-treatment, paint and electroplating processes, product and improvement as per painting/plating specifications.
Reduce operating costs by optimal paint booth, paint sludge maintenance and process parameters in pre-treatment and painting.
Maintain electroplating documentation and records as per ISO 14001/ 9001, EMS system.
Track precious metal and chemical consumption and take necessary action to minimize consumables and rework.
Coordinate environmental testing and regulatory compliance for new chemicals.
Analyze failure, corrective and preventive action and respond to customer complaints.