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Web Graphic Desginer (HDW-QX9-8K2)


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Job Description

Job Summary
We are looking for an experienced graphic desginer, Web graphic designers decide how websites look, making
choices about layout, fonts, and images to create usable and aesthetically pleasing websites. They may also work on
individual page elements, such as logos or images, that are incorporated into the final design. The line between web
graphic designers and web designers has grown increasingly blurred in recent years, and many web graphic
designers now need foundational knowledge of web technologies like HTML and CSS.
Web graphic designers tend to work with teams of designers and developers to bring a website to life. They may also
work closely with clients to determine design and graphical elements of websites.

Responsibilities and Duties
The specific duties of a web graphic designer can vary between organizations, but most share several responsibilities:
Design and Layout Page Elements
One of the primary responsibilities of a web graphic designer is designing and placing elements on a web page, which
can include logos and images as well as textual elements. The web graphic designer may create a mockup or
wireframe using image editing software and work with developers and programmers to transform this wireframe into a
functional website. In some cases, the web graphic designer may also write the website’s code.
Edit Images for Websites
Web graphic designers also edit images that are used on websites. This aspect of the job can involve resizing and
cropping images, correcting colors, and ensuring that images are correctly formatted and optimized for mobile and
desktop web browsers. In addition, the web graphic designer may create images from scratch and save them as
vector images that can be repurposed throughout the site.
Meet Directly with Clients
Web graphic designers meet directly with clients to determine website specifications and collaborate on its overall
design and aesthetic. During this process, the web graphic designer may create sketches showing the overall flow of
each page and ask questions regarding image placement, font choices, and other elements that will contribute to the
look of the pages and drive user engagement.
Collaborate with Developers
Throughout the design process, web graphic designers work closely with developers to ensure that front-end and
back-end elements work together as expected. The web graphic designer may provide notes on usability and
functionality from the client and discuss how to integrate the client’s needs with back-end technologies and functions
while also determining how the page’s architecture will work with elements like images, text, and navigation menus.
Test and Deploy Websites
Web graphic designers also test websites for usability and ensure that page elements are present and functional when
the site goes live. They may load the website in a number of different browsers to ensure that the look of the page is
consistent in all of them and access the site on a phone or tablet to ensure that it is readable and functional on mobile
Skills And Qualifications
Web graphic designers create the look and feel of a website, deciding on layout, colors, and images. Companies tend
to hire applicants with at least a bachelor’s degree and the following skills:
Composition – web graphic designers need excellent composition skills to determine where to locate page elements
and balance the overall look and flow of the page
Typography – familiarity with typographical principles and practices is also essential in this role, as the web graphic
designer needs to consider font choices and sizes and how they work within the page
Image editing – in this role, web graphic designers frequently make changes to a page’s images that range from
cropping and resizing to optimizing images for desktop or mobile browsers
Web coding – web graphic designers manipulate a page’s CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code to change how the page
looks and behaves, so they should have a strong grasp of these web coding languages
Communication skills – written and verbal communication are both vital in this role, as web graphic designers need
to collaborate with design and development teams and communicate with clients
Tools of the Trade
Web graphic designers tend to work in office settings, so they should be comfortable using standard office software
and equipment in addition to the following:
• Image editing software (Adobe Photoshop)
• Programming software (Typescript,
• Version control (Jira, Git)