Job Title

HR Manager (DJR-SVN-LPE)




Jaipur, Rajasthan

Job Description

Hiring HR Manager For Renowned F&B Industry


Primary Responsibilities

·         Screen and recruit qualified staff for each department to ensure smooth operations and guest service.

·         Identify and build a strong recruitment strategy to ensure consistent people supply and quality.

·         Interview new employees, checking references and employment background.

·         Build and maintain employee records in an organized and accurate manner.

·         Conduct employee orientation for the purpose of ensuring employees are knowledgeable of company culture, current practices and administrative processes.

·         Make training and development plan for each department and individual for personal development.

·         Organize performance review of leaders and line staff to maintain performance and expected results.

·         Verify attendance and prepare salary sheets and payment request on time.

·         Implement people service policy and procedures.

·         Develop and conduct various training programs to improve the identified areas and enhance company culture.

·         Evaluates the effectiveness of training and optimize the training to ensure appropriate skills development.

·         Develop retention strategies and increase employee satisfaction and engagement.

·         Plan and Organize general sessions and employee activities.

·         Plan and control human resource cost and budgeting.

·         Plan the budget for hiring, training, employee activities and others related to people service.

·         Submit various report to management on time as per company requirement.

·         Ensure the statutory compliance is fulfilled as per labor law.

·         Fulfill employee compensation and benefits administration, employee safety, welfare, wellness and health.

·         Develops and maintain a variety of written materials (e.g. letters, forms, procedures, brochures, pamphlets, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, and/or conveying information.

·         Manage employee relations to ensure a consistent application of policy and practice, including coaching / counseling, employee investigations, progressive discipline and problem resolution.

·         Actively support development and execution of business strategic plan to drive results.

·         Other work assigned by management.




Qualifications Required

·         Bachelor’s Degree.

·         Minimum 3 Years’ work experience in Human Resource, 1 Year experience in similar position.

·         Excellent skills in communication, learning, work ethics, work organization, multi task management and problem solving. Strong sense of ownership and responsibility, good task follow up and updating skill, quick adapt to change. Enjoy of serving and assisting others.

·         Professional user of MS Office and paper work, skills to design new format and professional report as per requirement.

Location - Jaipur 


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